RCSM was conceptualized by Santosh kumar; in the city of dreams Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh. Mr. kumar pursuing computer courses at that time were charged exorbitantly for the same this stirred up their minds towards a considerable section of society; with a rustic outlook(not so aware) living under economic constraints and termed as weaker and rural; having aspirations and dreams which were hitherto quashed by the economic constraints(fee structure). It was now that these socially driven and enthusiastic young professionals consolidated their abilities together to transform the dreams of this section of society into realities by offering Computer education at just nominal fee; thereby paving an introductory and fundamental path for Computer Literacy Drive in India. At present we command a repute of Pioneer in Computer Literacy charged with the noble cause of social uplift.

I heartily welcome you to the world of opportunities. My father once said “Son, learn so much that you can teach others” My father’s statement during my student life had encouraged me to set up this organisation and by his grace, I have been able to extend my humble services to the society by launching various programmes basically targeted to the mass and financially weaker sections.

My views had always been to reach those people who were deprived of quality education because of the high fee structure prevalent. Today technology has been advancing at an incredible pace and organisations are fighting to keep pace with this dynamic change. This radical change has created an over whelming demand for skilled professionals which has far exceeded the supply

The increase in automation is cutting across the industry barriers, thereby compelling companies to look for computer qualification as a minimum skill set in order to effectively manage these changes. However, though there are numerous institutions claiming to be providing Computer Education at a low monthly fee, the quality of education and facilities provided by these institutions does not meet the basic requirements and the classes are conducted just for the sake of conducting them and not with the intention of really doing a service to the society.

RASHTRIYA COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION (RCSM), was established in 1995 by a group of young professionals who wanted to give a new definition to the terminology of Computer Education, had been quite able to keep up with their motive and intentions of providing quality computer education and courseware and at a very low fee. Their intentions behind spreading computer literacy to every nook and corner of the country and making it affordable to all sections of the society, be it rich or poor, received an over whelming response nationwide.

Today, RASHTRIYA COMPUTER SAKSHARTA MISSION has a nationwide network and boasts of training more than 7,00,000 students. But we at RCSM feel, Indiais still far behind in terms of Computer Literacy rate. On its 10th Year of Excellence, Rashtriya Computer Saksharta Mission has launched “Mass Employment Programme”, “Computer Software Literacy Programme” and “Computer Hardware Literacy Programme”, three new initiatives from the house of RCSM that has been re-designed exclusively to fulfill the large gap of illiteracy in computers that still prevails in our country. I am sure that these programmes also will be well accepted by the aspirants like our earlier programmes and basically those from financially weaker sections and those belonging to rural areas will benefit the most out of it.

I foresee these programmes to be yet another milestone towards eradicating the problem of Computer illiteracy from our country.