Answer. Please click on the following link for the details http://www.rcsmindia.org . In order to achieve the mission of RCSM, The IT Literacy program of RCSM is run through its Authorized Education Centers. RCSM gives authorizations to the organizations / educational institutes that are interested in achieving this mission. The approval is given when the applicant goes through the certain defined process of RCSM. This process of granting authorizations to centers/institutions is called as New Authorised Education Centre Registration Process. The authorization remains valid for one calendar year and needs to be renewed every year in order to remain a part of the RCSM network with high performance.

FAQ 2. What is the Applicant Organization (AO-AEC)?

Answer. Applicant Organization (interested Institute, Organizations, individuals) which applies to Directly/through the Master Franchisee to RCSM in the prescribed form for being registered as an AEC for running the Courses under that respective Master Franchisee.

FAQ 3. What is Authorized Education Center (AEC)?

Answer. AEC is an Authorized Education Center of RASHTRIYA COMPUTER SAKASHRATHA MISSION who has given an authority to conduct its various courses with minimum 6 Computers (5 Client Machines + 1 Server Machine in city area) (configuration as per RCSM Norms)

FAQ 4. Please briefly explain this business opportunity.

Answer. RCSM’s education foundation plan consists of establishing and running your own RCSM Authorised Education Centre as per the terms and conditions laid down by RCSM.

Here, you can earn in multiple ways and we assure you of round-the-year business. You can earn from the following programmes:

  1. *IT Literacy Program
  2. Job/Career Oriented Program
  3. Fast Track Courses
  4. ON Line Examinations

FAQ 5. What are the chances of my success?

Answer. We believe that we offer you the best system of doing business where there are multiple options of earning throughout the year. And the concept of Educational Hub is a unique one which no other Franchise has offered till date. To make the good profit in any business, one needs to work hard and initiate publicity at their own level also.

FAQ 6. Who can avail of this Opportunity?

Answer. Entrepreneurs, having own IT training Centre/ computer institutes / Spoken English centers /Tutorials/ Coaching institutes

· New startup –

o IT Experienced professions having min. 1 years Experience like Faculty, Centre Head

o Marketing Experienced professions having min. 1 years Experience marketing /management

o Husband-Wife team or Housewife where her husband has a private / govt. job.

o Teachers/Professors professionals who desire an extra incomeAnswer. Applicant Organiza

FAQ 7. Type of Association or AEC:

Answer. Since RCSM serves a wider section of the Society, it has categorized its members into four categories.

· Cyber + – This type of Authorised Education Centres normally operate from the

metropolitans and major cities.

Cyber – This type of Authorised Education Centres operates from the Capital city,

major district headquarters, and towns.

Xl – These are normally from the towns and smaller cities.

Saral – These types of Authorised Education Centres normally operates from the rural areas.

FAQ 8. Can I own more than one Authorised Education Centre?

Answer. Yes, you can own any number of Authorised Education Centres. Each Centre is treated as an individual centre and all formalities required to finalize a new centre shall be applicable.

FAQ 9. How many AECs will be given in one state?

Answer. We need to have the presence in every district initially. RCSM can give as many AECs depending upon the population and the population density as well as scenario of the educational institutes. There is no restriction presently on the number of centers as well as the geographical jurisdiction for granting any AEC. Sustenance of AEC will be given a though in first place.

FAQ 10. I belong to a small town. Should I pay the same Registration Charges & Franchisee fee as paid by those centres that are situated in the big and metro cities?

Answer. As it has been discussed earlier, RCSM’s Authorised Education Centres are categorized into four types in terms of computer education:

(i) Cyber Plus, (ii) Cyber, (iii) Xl and (iv) Saral

FAQ 11. How students get the best value at RCSM?

Answer. Our courses are value-added, meaningful and of the high order. All our courses are need-based designs and hence they are always in demand. There is a course for everyone, be it for software education, hardware education, spoken English or secondary or higher secondary coaching, we have it all.

FAQ 12. I am unaware of Computers. Can I still start your Centre?

Answer. Yes, though you do not have knowledge in computers you can still start our Authorised Education Centre provided you have good management qualities.

FAQ 13. Do I need some particular size, color, decoration etc., for the classrooms or the institute as a whole?

Answer. Yes, you have to adhere to the minimum requisites laid down by RCSM in terms of space, interiors, systems. The local promotions like posters, pamphlets, banners, leaflets can be either ordered through the Head Office or can be locally printed provided it is prepared as per the approved size and designs specified by RCSM.

FAQ 14. What is the minimum area required for starting any AEC?

Answer. There should comfortable space for the learner in the computer lab and also the number of learners per bathes should also have comfortable seating arrangement in the classroom. The space requirement depends on the number of machines and accordingly intake capacity of Learners for AEC. Space requirement varies according to these numbers

FAQ 15. Is ‘Grand Opening’ functioning necessary?

Answer. It is helpful but not necessary. It provides a good opportunity for publicity and even more when a well-known personality of the area is invited; you automatically get the required press coverage.

FAQ 16. Will RCSM give certificate affiliated to any University/organisation?

Answer: RCSM’s brand in itself gives an all-India identity and that is why even as lakhs of students have got jobs after acquiring training and certification from RCSM in the last 13 years, not a single individual, institution, company or government body has ever raised any question on the credibility of RCSM’s certification. But still, some people may ask, what is the validity and sanction of RCSM certification? The answer is very transparent and subject to verification by anyone. In the field of education, the University Grants Commission (UGC) is the only authorized body to extend recognition. In the field of technical education, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) is the authorized body. But neither UGC nor AICTE has extended its recognition to any computer education group, even to the top brand names in the IT Education groups. Even the top players in the segment run their own certification and are recognized not only in India but the world over. RCSM’s certification also has the same mandate and sanction all over the globe.

No. RCSM will give its own certificate but RCSM by design has not taken any affiliation from any university/ council.

FAQ 17. What are the Freebies that RCSM provides to an Authorised Education Centre?

Answer. RCSM provides the following items FREE to its Authorised Education Centres:-

· Flex print of Glow Sign Board

· AEC Welcome Kit ( startup Kit for New center)

· Wall Hangings/Display Board Authorisation Board

FAQ 18. Does it provide any additional support?

Answer. Yes, in addition to the above, it also provides support on the following.

(i). Location Finalisation

(ii). Interior layout and Designs (a. Layout b. Color combination c. Interiors)

(iii). RCSM Certification for staff

FAQ 19. Please explain how sponsorship works and how I earn when I sponsor a new member?

Answer. You can tell about this business opportunity to owners of Computer Institutes/Coaching Institutes/Spoken English Centres or your friends in other towns/cities, who may be interested in starting their own RCSM Authorised Education Centre. Each Authorised Education Centre can sponsor other new centres. However, selection and final appointment as an Authorised Education Centre of RCSM is at the sole discretion of RCSM.

When someone joins under your sponsorship, you are entitled to get 20% of the license fee paid (Security deposit will not be taken into account) by the centre. You do not have any area limit in finalizing new AECs. However, if two existing AECs found sponsoring a new AEC from the same area, the AEC who has registered first shall be given preference.

FAQ 20. What is Business Support system?

Answer: You know that in a franchise business how important is the role of Business Support System (BSS) provided by the franchiser to its franchise partner. A top brand is always concerned about the BSS and its fast and reliable delivery to the franchise partner. RCSM also believes in this golden principle and its marketing research team is always coming up with innovative support mechanism to help you do your business better. You should be doubly sure what you get when you become RCSM’s Profit Center.

FAQ 21. What does means of profit Centre?

Answer. RCSM strongly believes all AEC should be Profit centre .for fulfilling of this objective RCSM recommend complete BSS & strategic Plan for AEC, by Using this AEC can make their Centre is the profit center.

FAQ 22. How you Charges the Royalty from AEC ?

Answer. RCSM has given the four options of Royalty Plan to choose the AEC. The plan are Mandatory/Basic Business slab-A : 25%, Average business Slab-B : 22.5%, Standard Business Slab-C – 20% , Excellent Business Slab- D : 18%. Depend upon the Slab you select you will be charged the Royalty.

Standard Franchisee Plan – 18% to 25% ( Depend on the Plan you opted Royalty Plan )

FAQ 23. What are the Renewal Charges?

Answer: Yearly Renewal Charges is applicable that is Registration charges only.

FAQ 24. What does means of Extra Course Approval?

Answer: Under Free/Basic Franchisee Plan you are getting to run only Free Basic & certificate Level courses in this condition Party can opt no’s of courses depend upon each Course being selected.

FAQ 25. What does means of Provisional Approval & Final Approval?

Answer: Provisional Approval is granted for a Max period of three month- During this period Centre has to fulfill all Prerequisite terms & conditions of RCSM Franchisee, after this Centre will be granted Final Approval. During the provisional Approval, RCSM May can withdrawal the License if AEC not fulfills all terms & Condition as per franchisee Agreement.

FAQ 26. What are the courses are authorizes to run the center by paying of only Registration Charges?

Answer : Authorized to run only Basic Courses (Refer the Course details)

FAQ 27. Does RCSM Share within Advertisement & Brand Promotion Sharing?

Answer : Yes – RCSM Share with AEC in Every Advertisement of up to 25% .

FAQ 28. Who will bear the study material cost?

Answer. RCSM will provide the study material and the cost of it is included in the fees and study material will be delivered to AEC at no extra cost.

FAQ 29. What is List of document Needed for Signing of Agreement?


Click the Boxes by Application Verified by HO

  • Documents Required (Photocopies duly self-attested)-
  • Bio-data along with 3 Photograph
  • Xerox copy Last Qualification
  • Xerox copy Experience etc. if any
  • Xerox copy Residence Address Proof
  • Xerox copy Photo ID Proof ( PAN/DRIVING LICENCE/VOTER ID )

Applicant organization – Personal Profile or Organization profileList of Requirements to run Training of RCSM AEC Supporting documents of the firm (partnership dee/ memorandum of articles etc) Supporting documents of premises (own/lease etc)