मिशन चला गांव की की ओर

The Rashtriya Computer Shaksharta Mission is a leading organization with a social mandate for imparting quality computer education / training to all, especially the marginalized sections of society.

RCSM believes that the computer educated manpower can add much more productive output to strengthen our national economy than those who are not aware of the computer technology.

By realizing this hardcore fact, the RCSM has a great wish to impart computer training to thirty lakh rural people i.e. at least five (5) in each village at least. These computer literates may act as catalysts and driving force towards integrated rural development programmes that includes rural health and sanitation, education, income generation, agriculture or allied agriculture activities. And this way, we have strong reason to realize that the rural India can also be reconstructed in a greater way by utilizing the trained computer literates. At least five computer literates are needed in one village to address the causes of rural development. In our country, we have six lakh villages and most of them are not equipped with the computer and the computer literates as well.

We have engendered an idea to constitute an apex computer education cooperative society to ensure our firm reaches at the village panchayat level. The cooperative society may be aimed at helping the rural masses in establishing primary cooperative organizations, getting village level computer resource centre, equipping with the relevant software related to health-sanitation, agriculture and allied agriculture activities, computer aided rural marketing, agro-business, education, training, income generation programmes, problem solving consultancy etc.

However, in the second phase of our missionary goal, we have decided to train 10 lakh people at least in the urban slums, semi-urban and small town areas. Since we are not for profit making organization, we have structured a lowest fee schedule on the basis of no loss: no profit. This missionary goal is popularly known as “Booting India”-India Operation.


Modest Contribution towards enriching our National Economical Growth by way of bringing into being with the IT way of evolution,

Preparing computer professional and putting them in order to be an IT instrument for integrated national development,

We have certain competency goal, that is quoted hereunder,

Competency Goal 1: Computer training at the convenience and pace of learners,

Competency Goal 2: Quality computer education/training at lowest fee structure,

Competency Goal 3: To reconstruct the rural India with IT skills

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